Freestanding Gas Stoves
Forget the kindling and the matches. Cozying up to a warm fire has never been easier. A free standing gas stove can heat a small room, an open living space, or an entire house.

With direct vent technology you can locate a stove anywhere. You can go through an outside wall or up
through the roof.

Gas Inserts
When you have an existing fireplace and it just isn’t giving you the performance you want, think of turning it into a real, efficient heater with all the ambiance of a wood fire and none of the hassle. A gas insert is a source of heat without drafts, ashes or wood chips, If used as a zone heating source in the part of the house you actually use, it will save on your heating costs by not heating the entire house.

Gas Fireplaces

Built-in gas fireplaces give you all the ambiance of a wood fire with none of the mess or work.  With many styles from traditional to linear, oak log to crushed glass, you can find one to compliment your décor.  With efficiencies at or above 70%, these fireplaces give off lots of warm.

To see the wide variety of sizes and styles available click on each manufactures name and see what they have to offer. Then come in and we can help you select the stove that is just right for you!

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