Freestanding Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are great for many reasons, but who are they for exactly? If you’re looking for an efficient but more affordable way to heat your home, a wood stove may be the solution. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind making the hearth a focal point of the house. Plus, they add warmth and charm to any home.

Calling back to a different era, the classic look of a cast iron wood stove can be very aesthetically pleasing as they often have the look of a piece of furniture. While steel stoves can lend a more contemporary look to your décor.

Wood Inserts
Fireplaces are, by nature, not very efficient. They pull warm air out of the room and into the fire. A lot of t­hat energy — heat — is lost up the chimney and through the material that surrounds it. When temperatures drop below freezing, a fireplace exhausts more energy than it creates. By installing a wood burning fireplace insert you can preserve the beauty of your fireplace while efficiently heating your living area.

Built-In Wood Fireplaces

Are you building a new home or remodeling an existing home? There are now built-in fireplaces that can heat an entire home up to 3,000 sq. ft..  These fireplaces are designed to deliver high-performance, clean-burning heat while showcasing a spectacular view of the fire.

To see the wide variety of sizes and styles available click on each manufactures name and see what they have to offer. Then come in and we can help you select the stove, insert, or built-in fireplace that is just right for you!

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